Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Creative attempts

I took a ceramics class last fall. I had a lot of fun. It seemed like each time I had an idea for a project it never quite turned out how I had imagined it. I decided I wanted to make a bowl out of rings of clay. It was quite a process rolling out the clay, stamping out the circles and assembling them all together. The first attempt ended in disaster, and the second attempt almost didn't see the light of day. In the end it turned out alright, after a couple of the rings fell off! I still have it, but it isn't as clean and beautiful as it had been in my head. I found the bowl of my visions at Uncommon Goods. What is it they say about practice...?


Anonymous said...

I can attest, this bowl is exactly the design Gina conceived of in the ceramics class. I'm blown away.

Anonymous said...

I only posted anonymous, 'cause I can't remember my password. Steve