Monday, December 24, 2007

Meet Me in St. Louis

Here are some pictures from yesterday and today....

This is mainly what Arizona and New Mexico looked like. We are so grateful for the clear skies, we've not encountered any troubling weather at this point in our journey!

Nandi has a cozy spot. Not too crowded. She is certainly sick of being back there! I think she really would love to just stick her head out of the window!

This is the moon rising over Texas!! So beautiful!

Dad started driving this morning. He's concentrating very hard.

Nandi finds a place much better than the backseat.

She is making herself at home. I am certain dad would rather have some leg room though!

Beautiful sunset in Missouri! We had a long day today. We clocked over 12 hours of driving, we drove from Amarillo to St. Louis (actually we are in a place called Pontoon Beach, IL!). Tomorrow we will be home in time for Christmas dinner!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Destination Revised...

Well, we only made it to Amarillo, TX. It was a long day indeed! Dad and I did fine, the dog on the other hand... She was okay until the printer fell on top of her, but she recovered quite nicely. I'll
have picture tomorrow night. Until then here are some other recent good-bye pictures...

Dave having fun with Einstein at the Griffith Observatory!

Fun lunch with Fulya and Nataly!

Jessica helping amidst all of the boxes! (Thank you Jess!!)

The girls and I had a great time!

The IT guys being IT guys!! Looking good Andrew!

Thank you for letting me have the window seat!!

Stay tuned for more!!!

Homeward Bound

I have started my journey back to my homeland: Wisconsin!! Getting everything ready was a lot of work. It has already been proven worthwhile a thousand times over! Here are some shots of the move:

I used the 6 feet of space I had been quoted for! Not bad. My dad and I got off to a late start yesterday. We only made it to Kingman, AZ. Today we are off to Oklahoma!!