Monday, April 14, 2008

Movie Magic - Updated

The circus has officially come to town! The production of the movie Public Enemies has undertaken it's filming here in Oshkosh of all places. I went with my sister to check out what was going on and it was complete shenanigans! We didn't get any great views, but we had a great time checking things out. The most amusing/annoying part was all of the people claiming they were seeing Johnny Depp or Christian Bale. Unless they had go-go-gadget eyes there wasn't any good way of determining who was who. Ah well. The whole state is buzzing about the movie as several other cities have been chosen for filming as well. I plan on making several more treks out there,
but I am not expecting on taking any great pictures of the cast.

Update: pictures!!

Filming the bank robbery at the Masonic Temple.

This is the shot not zoomed in. We really weren't very close at all!

They put a trolley in front of the library!!

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